Rome Was'nt Built In A Day...& We're Not trying to 1-Up Anybody

Our Plans

We are embarking on a journey to create some hometown, craft beer favorites. In our little nook of Union Township, part of New Castle PA, we have a quaint set up within our established home brew shop where this magic will soon commence. Croaker’s Brewing Company is spouse team business, so this adds to the variety of beers based on the talents and experiences of both brewers. Prepare for the upcoming brews including an Irish ruby red, London style crème ale, oatmeal stout, and our very own Pb and J….coming soon! Check out the progress on social media and on Untapd!

Latest NEWS

Our beautiful Kelly green beauty from Ruby Street Brewing systems has arrived! Strait for Missouri, she was crafted just for us! (and co-brewer Mara won’t even have to climb a ladder to reach…)


Keep an eye on our Facebook Page for the latest news regarding the new brewery.

The Brew Shop

We Have All of the Supplies You Need To Keep Your Home Brewing Hobby Bubbling

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Make Great Beer Right Here!

Our brewers will show you the ropes of brewing and walk you through the steps to create you very own craft beer in our brewery.


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The people making the delicious beer.

Mara Palipchak


Mara works a great deal at recipe building and learning her way around bigger equipment. She enjoys porters, sweet stouts, NEIPA’s and trappiest ales.

Chris Palipchak

Brewery Manager

Chris is a brewer who works bat-man style…IT guy by day, dark, imperial stout brewing man at night! He enjoys dark and heavy beers as well as IPA’s and the daunting pepper beers.


Director of Distraction and Procrastination

Max may not be much of a beer conisuer, but he will happily dunk his nose in your glass when you're not looking.

Let’s Talk BEER.


2017 West State Street
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Monday - Wednesday - Friday: 6pm - 9pm
Saturday: 10am - 6pm
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